Each registered participant will receive a Bluetooth beacon.   These will be sent home from school with information on how to fit and pair your beacon with your app. Each beacon can only be paired to one account.  If you do not pair your beacon, you will not receive arrival or departure notifications, and your child will not receive their scoot or pedal points. 

Beacon Fitting

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Beacon Pairing

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Beacon Notifications

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Beacon FAQ's

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How do they work?

The Bluetooth beacon is fitted to each registered child’s bicycle or scooter (1 per child). When the child passes through the Bluetooth reader located at the bicycle cage, the reader will send a push notification to the parent/carer (on both arrival and departure from the school).

The beacon is not a tracking device and is only recording arrival and departures from the school bike cage. This is when the push notification is sent to the parent or carer.

Beacons are electronic equipment, and this program is a trial. The program relies on electricity, Bluetooth, batteries and telecommunications to deliver push notifications, and as such cannot be guaranteed.

Additional information to be included (in pdf)
- How to pair your beacon
- How do notifications work?
- How to fit a beacon
- FAQ’s

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